Leadership in a Media Driven World eCourse + interview

Leadership in a Media Driven World eCourse + interview

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When a crisis occurs, will you know what to do?

Every organization will face some kind of press at one point or another – be it the hiring of a controversial CEO, a financial crisis, the leak of sensitive information, a tragic accident, or an inadvertent “Tweet”! In this eCourse, Dr. Jeffrey McCausland shares from his 15+ years of media experience with CBS radio and television. Dr. McCausland shares a first-hand look at how the media really works, how you can create valuable relationships with media professionals, and the common pitfalls that put leaders and their organizations in jeopardy.

This course also includes an exclusive interview with former CBS SVP, Linda Mason. Linda shares her boots on the ground experiences working in the media for over 30 years and important things leaders should keep in mind when the media is at your door.

This course includes:

  • A video presentation
  • Audio recording
  • Transcript
  • Workbook with course overview, note-taking guide, questions for reflection and additional resources
  • Interview with former CBS SVP Linda Mason (video, audio and transcript version included)