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The following eCourses are currently in development:

- Executive Wellness

- Emotional Intelligence

- Toxic Leadership

- Ethics and Leadership

- Leading During a Crisis

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Diamond6 Leadership & Strategy develops confident and effective leaders, whose teams have the greatest impact on their community and the world.

We have been in the leadership and professional development business for over 15 years. During that time we have served thousands of leaders from hundreds of organizations across the country. We have seen first-hand what topics are of greatest need and interest to leaders and organizations. And, we have created personal relationships with all our clients to create learning experiences customized to their specific needs.

In order to support more leaders on their personal and professional development journey we are making our most popular seminars and courses available online. Taught by our talented and experienced faculty members, these eCourses are designed to provide valuable information, realistic strategies, and practical how-to’s that you can use right away to make your organization better and more effective. 

Interested in our in-person experiential workshops?

Email us at to set up a Needs & Goals Assessment. During this call we will learn as much as we can about your and your organization. We then use that information to design the perfect leadership development experience that addresses your specific needs, accomplishes your goals and suits your budget. There's no commitment or cost. It's simply a call to learn if and how we can serve you and your team.